About Us

Japan Executive Limousine

Since its inception in 1989, Japan Executive Limousine have been providing Japanese-Speaking limousine and chauffeur for hire services in Southern California. In 1991, we partnered with Japan Airlines to provide ground transportation for its First and Business Class passengers, and in 2003 we commenced a similar operation for All Nippon Airways.

Over the years, satisfied customers became repeat customers and our client base expanded, mainly through referrals. Our devoted commitment to excellence has helped us earn the trust and confidence of our customers including top Japanese corporate executives and government agencies, prominent figures and VIPs. Having served a wide range of clientele over the years, each with their own distinctive needs and requests, we have been blessed to accumulate invaluable experience and a vast array of knowledge.

Utilizing our experience and network of nationwide affiliates, our intention is to become an extensive, private transportation company offering maximum service and value to discerning individuals and organizations. From one passenger to a large group, Japan Executive Limousine can cater to your private transportation needs, locally or nationwide, and arrange private jets or make restaurant and show reservations. Whether it is for business or pleasure, our goals is to assist in boosting your travel experience, in every way possible.

Our Mission

Prompt, Trust, Quality.
At Japan Executive Limousine, we go the extra mile in fulfilling
a Peace of Mind you can count on.

JEL Networks

International travelers commonly rely on their travel agency when arranging and reserving a limo service to be provided when reaching their destination - often times being charged with high markups. This is also true in domestic travels, as well, but the difference is, one can always make their own reservation by searching for a limo company that operates in the area and make specific arrangements needed for one’s transportation needs. This is not always possible when it comes to foreign countries. The issue of the language barrier often comes into play. In addition, it is just an extra step to take for the customers to contact two or more separate limo companies to arrange vehicle-for-hire services in each and every departing and arriving city.

Japan-U.S. ‘LIMO’ Network strives to eliminate all of these inconveniences and is able to arrange the customer’s entire vehicle needs just about everywhere within the U.S. and Japan. Each and every alliance of ours will be the portal to ‘one-stop limo service operation,’ and assemble all vehicle-for-hire inquiries for each location through our network, and compose a collectively arranged limo service reservation. One contact, one bill, one big peace of mind.

Although this conception is in its early stages, through this recent alliance agreement, JEL has joined a team of outstanding partners in Japan, all of which with over a half century of solid track records. The cities they each represent includes Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo, and each of their service areas goes beyond the city limits.

Each company is well-recognized in their region, and most importantly, all partners share the same values and beliefs when it comes to engaging in The Art of Service. In addition, all partners have English Speaking Drivers (ESD), and also, they are able to accommodate various types of vehicles, from compact cars to coach buses

Moving forward, Japan-U.S. ‘LIMO’ Network will expand its alliance network both in Japan and in the United States, and ultimately cover all the major cities in the world. This type of enormous proposition is certainly one-of-its-kind in the customarily outmoded limo industry, and evidently, a revolutionary development.